Massachusetts 疏忽的安全 Attorneys

疏忽的安全 抢劫, 攻击, rapes 和 even murders happen much more frequently than people think on business property. 每年, thous和s of people are victims of crimes occurring at apartment buildings, 酒吧, 酒店, 大学校园, 自动取款机, 甚至在教堂的土地上. Many times these horrific crimes could have easily been prevented. Just as business owners are responsible for taking reasonable steps to protect individuals lawfully on their property from slip 和 fall 和 trip 和 fall accidents, they are equally responsible for taking reasonable precautions to protect individuals from the criminal acts of third parties. When they fail to do so, they may be held liable for the failure to have adequate security.

It is the responsibility of the business owner or l和lord to make sure that all areas of their parking lots 和 stairwells are adequately lit. 视情况而定, a business owner may also need to hire security guards to monitor cameras or patrol the business. Bars need to have adequate security personnel or “bouncers” to make sure that their customers are safe. There is no specific set of security measures that a business owner is required to take. 这取决于具体情况. Appropriate security measures for an ATM booth on a busy street will not be the same as those necessary to keep a large college campus safe.

Negligent security claims arise in a number of ways. 一些常见的例子包括:

  • 没有提供监控摄像头, security patrols or lighting in a parking garage, 商场或购物中心;
  • Failing to take steps to prevent intruders from gaining access to 酒店, motels or hospitals;
  • Failing to have sufficient personnel or “bouncers” to prevent potential customers from bringing weapons inside a bar 和 to prevent fights or other violent acts in 酒吧;
  • Failing to have automated door locks 和 video camera monitoring at an ATM booth;
  • Failing to have adequate security personnel, security patrols 和 lighting on 大学校园 or dorms;
  • Failing to have security personnel 和 lobby security systems to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to tenants or visitors in commercial buildings; 和
  • Failing to provide adequate security personnel 和 lighting on the grounds of an apartment complex or appropriate locks on doors 和 windows.

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